Skill building experiences are hard to come by for students

Our externships and simulations give students experience and skills they need. Students complete our program with a portfolio of professional work to showcase for job applications.

From the beginning

Paragon One has helped ambitious students land jobs, internships, and externships by connecting them with passionate industry expert mentors and providing personal career support. Our mission is to provide students with the tools they need to succeed in careers they love.

We help students from all backgrounds, regions, and experience levels launch their dream career.

Our students have received offers from and are working at companies such as Bridgewater, Tesla, Google, JP Morgan, and more.

Our expert advisors have an average of 10 years of experience

We are building professional networks for passionate expert advisors in the industries of the future. We have advisors in 20+ fields, including Finance, Software Engineering, Data Science, Design, Product, Marketing, and more.

We work with global education partners to prepare students for the workforce

We help young students launch their first set of skill-based experiences relevant for the job marketplace of today and tomorrow. We believe that starting students early to build their career readiness is key to success in the 21st century.

Our externships and simulations equip students with real skills to launch their careers

Our externships and simulations help you go beyond the classroom to deliver real-world experiences that help prepare your students for their future careers.



Remote Externships

  • Real externships
  • No prerequisites
  • Professional coaching & support
  • Part-time & remote

Our Remote Externship programs coach ambitious students to win and succeed at remote externships. We provide the training and support to ensure students are prepared for the externship, and produce quality work while building their skills. We partner with top companies who are looking for real work and hard-working student talent.

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Career Coaching

  • Personalized career coaching
  • Guidance from industry expert mentors
  • Mock interviews and industry-specific advice

In this program students are guided through every step of launching their career, from deciding their field, to nailing their interviews. Our expert advisors give personalized coaching and feedback based on an average of 10 years of industry experience, granting practical advice that has helped 97% of our students land a job or internship in their dream field.

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Work Simulations

  • Expert-guided
  • Enhanced certification
  • Easy integration with your program
  • High-quality portfolio projects

Our Work Simulation Programs equip students with experience and skills to differentiate themselves from their peers.  Students will gain simulated experience in fields like finance, product strategy, data science, game design, entrepreneurship, fashion, design thinking, and more. Courses are developed by experts in the field who have launched companies or made it big at companies like Coursera, Netflix, China Online Online Education, Facebook, and more.

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Available Remote Externships

Branding Strategy & Business Analytics Remote Externship

This experiential learning program has been designed by Paragon One in collaboration with Beats by Dr. Dre to offer talented students an opportunity to develop and showcase their creative problem solving and critical thinking skills by working on real work projects. This program is a collaboration with the Consumer Insights division at Beats. This division represents the voice of the consumers so that Beats can leverage their perspective to make informed decisions. The three focus areas of this division are around identifying opportunities, optimizing, and monitoring performance. Consumer Insights is a cross-functional division supporting the marketing, product, and channel teams globally throughout the business. During the program, you will conduct a brand sentiment analysis to evaluate sentiment towards the brand and its communications.

Consulting & Data Analytics Remote Externship

This experiential learning program has been designed by Paragon One in collaboration with Credera to offer talented students an opportunity to develop and showcase their creative problem solving and critical thinking skills by working on real work projects. This program is a collaboration with the Experience Design (XD) team, one of the many core capabilities offered at Credera. Credera’s XD team is a group of 40+ ambitious strategists, researchers, designers, and front-end developers whose mission is to create immersive, meaningful experiences that add joy to life. Backed by the firm’s deep expertise in tech consulting, XD pushes the boundaries in understanding what motivates people; designing beautiful, intuitive interfaces, and innovating with new technologies. Credera’s culture is built on putting people first — and those people are smart, collaborative, and thoughtful.

Strategy Analysis Remote Externship

This experiential learning program has been designed by Paragon One in collaboration with Greenpeace USA to offer talented students an opportunity to develop and showcase their creative problem solving and critical thinking skills by working on real work projects. The Distributed Organizing Team (DOT) helps engage with supporters and volunteers across the country creating opportunities that allow volunteers to engage with Greenpeace campaigns, organize in their own communities, learn core skills, and build relationships that keep them involved in this work for the long haul. The DOT team uses a distributed model to build and support people's power and scale up to rise to the challenges we face. During the program, students will conduct a benchmarking exercise with national nonprofit organizations and campaigns as well as research the opinions of disability advocates activists in the space to provide the DOT team with suggestions to improve accessibility to website visitors and potential volunteers, and suggest next steps for larger fixes to become the gold standard.

Energy Innovation Capital VC Industry Research & Data Analytics Remote Externship

This program will focus on Energy Innovation Capital, an investment fund dedicated to enabling the development of technology that produces clean, accessible, and abundant energy. Externs will conduct a detailed analysis of the market landscape, to identify trends, drivers, and companies in emerging segments of the energy sector. EIC invests in Post-Seed through early-growth private companies at the leading edge of innovation. A core component of venture capital investing is understanding the macroeconomic trends in specific target verticals and identifying the leading-edge start-ups that solve relevant problems. With climate change and the decarbonization imperative, renewable energy and battery storage are set to grow exponentially. Fast-evolving segments include battery technology/ chemistries, power/energy analytics, carbon capture, carbon accounting and marketplace, waste-to-energy, EV infrastructure, concentrated solar power, and nuclear energy. Understanding these emerging segments and identifying what it takes to differentiate and win will be key in helping Energy Innovation Capital to provide capital to the best start-ups and founders, and that’s where you come in!

Non-Profit Consulting Remote Externship

In this externship program, you will learn strategic consulting skills to analyze and evaluate challenges from non-profit organizations using consulting frameworks, in an overall effort to help them solve their important problems. Selected individuals will be paired with a specific non-profit organization and dive into their strategic problems, such as development, impact assessment, process improvements, talent engagement, communication, and strategic positioning. Throughout this externship program, professionals from PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) will provide mentorship and coaching.

Gaming Market Research and Data Analytics Remote Externship

We are seeking ambitious students to provide a detailed analysis of the current landscape of tools for gamers, recommend new product features, markets that Mobalytics can expand into, possible ways to monetize the product, as well as any integration or partnership opportunities.

Investment Research and Data Analytics Remote Externship

We are seeking ambitious students to source and critically evaluate companies that fit EHP’s investment criteria to create a pipeline of potential deals for EHP to pursue.

Corporate VC & Business Analytics Remote Externship

This is an exciting externship where students can experience first-hand what it feels like to be part of a Fortune 100 company. As investors, venture capitalists (VCs) are investing in new ideas, innovations, and most importantly teams, where do they begin? This is called deal sourcing. Externs will profile startup companies, learn what VCs look for, and be a part of investing in the next generation of technology. HP Tech Ventures is seeking ambitious students to help research relevant pre-seed stage startups for deal sourcing and evaluation. This project includes special data analytics projects that allow students to practice using analysis tools to perform business model, strategy, and value chain analysis.

Independent Music Artist & Music Label Business Development and Data Analyst Remote Externship

Experience the ground floor of a new AI-driven startup service connecting filmmakers and musicians. Videos need great soundtracks. Music artists need promotion. Thematic makes it happen! With this internship, you will dive into the business of music head first. In this externship, your work will be to explore the entire eco-system of the music world: artists, publishers, managers, and content creators. You will research leads and potential growth opportunities as well as have a meaningful impact on an early stage startup.

Success Stories


"I’d recommend this externship to others because it’s super valuable and a great way to get experience within the finance industry. It's normally pretty hard to get experience in finance because it’s so competitive, especially for for underclassmen like me."



"It's very simple. I found it very helpful and not overwhelming. I like the way it's structured and I like the weekly check-ins. It's not like you're given a report to complete and then 'see you in 8 weeks later and we can discuss."



"I would recommend this externship to international students like me. I think this remote externship is very attractive in itself. I believe the flexible schedules and performance-based work provide great opportunities for students to test their own potential."


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