Drive results with fully-managed junior talent

Free up employee time, complete valuable projects, and give back to the next generation with remote student externships.

Trusted by growth companies, investment firms, and NGOs

Complete valuable projects with fully-managed student teams

Get the manpower you need without time-consuming and costly recruiting and onboarding. We'll recruit, train, and manage student teams based on your project's needs.

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Social Media & SEO Marketing

Amplify your online exposure with custom content for your social media channel, website, or blog. Common projects include SEO strategy planning through keyword research, backlink research, outreach, and content creation.

Business Development

Find prospects and opportunities that align with your company’s goals. Student teams source and research targets based on your company’s unique criteria and organize data in your company’s preferred format.

Market Research

Understand your target market with detailed discovery into your competition, their customers, and available opportunities. Receive analyzed market data and synthesized summaries with highlights and recommendations.

AI Data Classification & Analysis

Get big data work done with reliable help classifying, annotating, and labeling your data. Projects are customized to your company’s needs from classifying and tagging images to data cleansing and anything in between.


This is a no brainer. Once I signed up, I didn't have to think about it. I was able to quickly launch the team and immediately begin creating value for my company.


Do more with fully-managed remote work

Student teams are fully-managed and mentor-led, so you’ll get quality results you can trust, without the headache of onboarding new team members.

Hands-off management

Dedicated account managers work with you to onboard and manage students

Students work remotely and submit work to our mentors

Quality guaranteed

Industry experts provide project and industry-specific training designed for your needs

Our mentors guide and coach students throughout to ensure student success and high-quality results

See the best work crowdsourced from cohorts of students

Bespoke student teams, designed for your needs

We'll recruit, train and mentor students based on your project's needs, just like an extension of your team.

Get the equivalent of an entry-level employee with 1 year of experience

We'll recruit based on your specific needs

Access students from a diverse set of universities and student populations

Give back to the next generation

Help students develop invaluable skills and experience that will help them launch their careers, while driving results for your business.

Host an informational webinar on your company or industry

Participate in informational interviews with students

Get the opportunity to recommend students for future opportunities

“It’s pretty amazing what the students have accomplished, and I’m sure it’s because of you. I’m looking forward to the next project."

Michael k, head of sales ops & data

"I didn't think I needed externs, especially for important transaction advisory work, but the process with Paragon One's platform has been incredibly streamlined. The students' output has helped me leverage my time much more efficiently."

amit gupta, founder & managing partner

Drive results for your business and usher in the next generation