Bridging the Divide Between Education & Workforce

Fully-managed, educational, and remote externships that boost student employability and enterprise diversity

Paragon One
Check out the recap on our Bridges: Virtual Event Series (Aug 6 - Sep 24), where students received advice and insights from top corporate leaders.




Paragon One brought us a great, diverse pool of students, not only in terms of educational background, but also in culture, ethnicity and gender. With logistics taken care of, all we had to do was meet with students every other week.

Angelo Del Priore
Partner at HP Tech Ventures

What makes an Externship?

Real World Projects

Externships are a series of projects that tackle problems different companies face in the real world.

Education Focused

Each project in every Externship is curated with specific educational content and industry experts that show students how to approach problems, arming them with the skills they need to solve real problems

Flexible from Anywhere, Anytime

As a fully digital experience, Externships are modern alternatives to internships that allow students to gain work experience and build better credentials and skills from anywhere, anytime

Fully Managed by Paragon One

Whether it's supporting students who are having difficulty, evaluating the final projects, or scheduling meetings, all Externship logistics are taken care of by us

How are Externships different from Internships?


By using Paragon One, Facebook was able to launch project-based educational programs. Students had face time with Facebook on a biweekly basis, and top performers were selected to present their work directly to the leaders at Facebook.

Facebook Case Study

Industry-Driven Projects We Deliver:


Amplify your online exposure with custom content for your social media channel, website, or blog. Common projects include SEO strategy planning through keyword research, backlink research, outreach, and content creation.

Business Development

Find prospects and opportunities that align with your company’s goals. Student teams source and research targets based on your company’s unique criteria and organize data in your company’s preferred format.

Product Development

Understand your target market with detailed discovery into your competition, their customers, and available opportunities. Receive analyzed market data and synthesized summaries with highlights and recommendations to improve your product.

Consulting Investment and Financial Services

Get work done with projects that are customized to your company’s needs from discovering, prioritizing, and segmenting funds based on a given criteria.

Who are Externships For?


Eager for authentic and relevant work experience in industries of interest

Looking to gain academic credit and recognizable credentials

Keen to apply their education to real world projects and present thoughtful solutions to company leaders



Needing a stronger presence at universities with untapped talent

Eager to identify and empower underrepresented talent around the world

Looking to save time by accessing streamlined recruiting funnels

Education Partners

With a desire to boost student employability by integrating externships into their curriculum

Eager to provide underrepresented students with additional learning and work-related opportunities

Excited to facilitate student access to large-scale enterprises with education-focused projects


How We Support Companies and Students

Training & Content

Development of training for students that is specific to your project

Recruiting & Onboarding

Seamless recruitment and onboarding of students according to your goals or D&I targets

Mentorship & Coaching

Our program managers lead "office hours" to mentor and coach students on your project

Teaching Assistance & Feedback

TAs answer student questions and provide feedback on work throughout the externship

Project Management

Dedicated company manager oversees coaches, teaching assistants, and webinar planning

Assessment, Reporting, & Credentialing

Receive comprehensive reporting of student performance and engagement to find the best fits for your organization


We get the fresh perspective from the students and amazing management from Paragon One.  The outcome was great!

Cathy Thompson
Principal Product Manager, Zillow
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